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Ship Antiques and Fine Art Safely With Climate Control Transportation

When relocating high-value items such as fine art and antiques, homeowners need to secure the services of climate control transportation providers. Priceless treasures such as these have to be handled with care, and only a specialized team of experts can accomplish this monumental task with a minimal amount of risk.

One of the biggest problems homeowners need to face when moving to another home is transporting high-value items such as antiques and fine art. Because of the sensitive and priceless fine art transport services nature of these goods, some shipping providers have taken the liberty of ensuring the safety of these things by developing specialized vehicles.

Some transport companies make use of specialized fleets such as climate-controlled vans and air-ride trailers to cater to homeowners or museums that house collections of fine art and antiques. Unbeknownst to some, artifacts need to be stored in places with constant levels of heat and humidity so that the integrity of these items can be preserved. Specialized vehicles are constructed with insulation and climate-control capabilities so that temperatures can be regulated and kept at optimum levels.

Aside from specialized fleets with climate control, transportation providers also utilize air-ride trailers to minimize movement and vibrations during transit. Some of these vehicles are also equipped with oversized doors and lifters so that they can accommodate large items like floor-to-ceiling paintings or life-sized sculptures. Homeowners can even request their shipping providers to use custom-built containers and materials for packing or to apply crating methods that comply with museum standards. This way, priceless belongings are surely kept safe during relocations.