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If you’re a short visitor to Dubai or a tourist, the very thought that you could ever be bored in this city will surprise you.

However, for the expat resident, the first day of your weekend, you might just find yourself drumming your fingers, as you wonder if there are any better things to do than another Dubai Friday Brunch. After the rush and the cultural shock, and the gradual adjustment to living in Dubai makes the venture outstanding.

These exciting places are now more being built in the city of Dubai and being sold quickly because they are so exciting and fascinating like the Port De La Mer apartments for sale.

How long does it take to kick in this “Dubai boredom?” It definitely differs on a case-by-case basis, but we would guess there would be some “been there, done it, can we do it again after a year?” for most of the people.

Let us, therefore, look at a couple of ideas that could enable you to restore this initial enthusiasm and energy.

Want to feel a true rush of adrenaline? Take the Dubai Mall Fountain on a trip Zipline. But better hurry, since it is just a temporary installation.

We believe it will be too famous (and probably too much of a money-spinner).

No, instead of the Dubai Mall, we don’t mean Ibn Battuta Mall or the Al Ghurair Centre. Just mean to try to go somewhere you were never before.

You are long-term expatriates, how many of you were on the waters of the Gulf? Visited Hatta pools? Went to Fossil Rock to find a few fossils, not just a Four Wheel Drive?

Visit a portion of the Dubai Emirates (or even the city of Dubai) that you are unaware of and encounter again this ‘first-time’ thrill.

In Dubai there are so many options, you can’t tell that all of them have been tried out. One symptom of Dubai’s dullness, we suspect, is that you want to go back to the same small number of restaurant locations.

Now, nothing is wrong with the tried, true faithfulness, but maybe you will find that restaurant where you will go again and again.

How do you find what’s hot right now? Word of mouth still is an excellent guide, but hopefully, you don’t have to look much beyond Dubai Time Out. DTO actively checks and reviews new eating opportunities for you.

Try the Gourmet Food Trail for something truly different. You will eat in a variety of places of interest which you would have missed without the supervision of a professional foodie otherwise.


Groups and events are not in shortage. The Dubai Natural History Group in 2000 has been an exceptionally good experience for many.

DNHG had people who volunteered for Dubai residents with their time and enthusiasm. There are now so many other classes.

Some of them are free, some are charged. Again, Dubai Time Out is possibly the best way to find out what, how much and where.

Cast your eyes under the banner directly at the top of the home page below the “Time Out Dubai” box. It might even better be the case if the print copy is bought and all the special interest organisations, events and things to do are investigated.


On the streets of Dubai, you can see some pretty wonderful cars. There are more cars in Dubai than in the European countries, though there are a lot of cars, the number of supercars you will see in Dubai is just fascinating.

Why not treat yourself to one and then give it back for a fraction of the cost and the potential heartbreak of owning a supercar. Just one day, be a hero – as late David Bowie suggested several years ago!

There are lots of businesses that rent a supercar per day, week or month.

It might take a lot of money out of your pocket for renting out a Ferrari or Lamborghini. but it is a pittance in comparison with ownership, insurance and maintenance costs. The luxury experience for a single-day drive of these cars will give a feel that you won’t forget.

All of the above activities are the “must try” ones, so you should not miss any of them. We might suggest you explore the area around District One Villas for sale in Dubai, as it is new and fabulous.